Let Maldivian Tourism Flourish: creative Approach to online parliament sessions by a famous hotelier during the Quarantine

Maldivian Parliament resumed sessions and held their 23rd Sitting of 1st Session of 2020 today by using online settings in order to maintain social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reported by local media.

The session was held using the Microsoft Teams software, and a rehearsal was held on Saturday where the lawmakers learned the software, as well to iron out any glitches or confusion. Parliament’s general purpose committee passed the policy to continue sittings via a web conference to include the participation of 87 parliamentarians as well as the Secretary-General, Counsel General, Sergeant at Arms, and other administrative staff.

Opening the first online sitting of the Parliament this morning, the Speaker of the Parliament, Former President of the Maldives Hon. Mohamed Nasheed stated that the entire world, including Maldives, was under a dark cloud of panic over the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, he said that “The friends who are there for you when you need them the most are your true friends. I find that it is vital that honorable members of the Parliament be true friends to the Maldivian people”.

While a large fraction of the Maldivian economy rely to Travel & Tourism industry, it is no surprise that becoming friends with the people can be very much aligned with the tourism industry. One of the most interesting capture of today’s session was the online meeting venue of the famous hotelier and Leader of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Abdulla Jabir, hosting a tribute to the beauty of the paradise shot in Bodumohoraa Beach.

Maldivian lawmakers discussed on a motion submitted by the ruling party’s parliamentary group leader MP Ali Azim, to ensure the implementation of the government’s Covid-19 relief measures.

At this time of Covid-19, spreading to almost every country, infecting more than 400,000 people, has crashed economies and broken health-care systems, filled hospitals and emptied public spaces, Maldives is not immune to this world pandemic recorded upto 17 positive cases. The luxury tourism industry is in its verge to a closure, leaving many young tourism workers jobless, or no-pay for atleast few months.

Young tourism workers have been applauding Jabir for his stand in promoting the Tourism industry and the beauty of the Maldives during this difficult time.

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